Veneer Paneling

BAMBOOADVANTAGE manufactures veneer in both Vertical and Horizontal styles with colors available in Natural and Coffee. These options give our customers a unique, elegant, environmentally-friendly product one can enjoy for a lifetime.

Veneer is a good option for people looking to create furniture, cabinets, doors or for use in other applications. Because large changes in temperature and humidity will cause solid woods to expand and contract, and potentially cause warping or splitting, using a veneer application my be a more viable solution for your project. Whatever your needs for veneer may be, close collaboration with your designer and/or contractor to develop the most appropriate design for your project is essential to a successful outcome.

BAMBOOADVANTAGE has both manufacturing capabilities at our factory in China as well as many relationships domestically to meet your project specifications. Please contact our office so that we may assist you in your project's needs.

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