Custom Options
(Dimensions: Max Length 6', Max Width 6'', Max Height 3/4'')

Many times the standard products are not quite sufficient to meet your project needs. You may want to use a formaldehyde free adhesive, a different size floorboard, custom accessory, or even a thicker panel for a custom project. That's where BAMBOOADVANTAGE and their capabilities excel. Most other factories do not have a fraction of the custom capabilities, and do not intend on developing them.

In most cases we try and determine if there is a general need for your unique request and develop it into a standard (custom) product that we can reproduce and offer to people who want something different than what is typically available on the market today.

We also work with a unique group of domestic mill shops and artisans who have tremendous capabilities and competency. Let us know about your project and we will help to find you a solution.

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